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Our seedlings are ready for the 2009 spring planting season!
Many herbs and cool-weather plants can be placed in your vegetable garden, perennial beds, or window boxes at this time.
The daily temperatures in New England continue to fluctuate from breaking records for hot weather during the daytime to warnings of freezing temperatures in various regions during the nighttime. This inconsistency means it is still too cool to transplant tomato seedlings and other heat loving plants into the garden.  More information on when to transplant seedlings can be found in the New Hampshire Cooperative Extension fact sheet: Planting and Maturity Dates of Vegetables in New Hampshire. A simple to follow chart can be downloaded from the NH Cooperative Extension Service as well called Timing Vegetable Transplants.

Seedlings can be purchased early but need to be  cared for within a warm environment until the outside temperatures become consistently warmer. Our climate map suggests waiting until May 30th for safe transplanting of tomato seedlings into your outdoor garden.

Look for our upcoming  post of  available plants . We look forward to seeing you again at our greenhouses…..


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